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The mission of the Legislative Committee is to advocate for the interests of HCAA members to our area legislators and keep HCAA members informed about pertinent legislative activities.

Goals for 2023

  • Stay informed of news related to pension and health care for retirees.
  • Observe Governor Pritzker’s approach to state issues.
  • Meet with local officials, especially those who are newly elected, to share information about the HCAA organization.

  • The need to pay attention to what happens in local elections is highlighted by the Illinois Policy Institute’s active recruitment of citizens across the state to run for local school board positions in order to fight for their stance on a variety of issues affecting the field of education.

  • A report from the American Association of Community Colleges shared information that highlights the cost effectiveness of investing public money into community colleges.  They found a cumulative return of $6.80 over the working life of a student for every tax dollar invested in community colleges.

  • The Illinois House passed HB 1293 in November, which urges the state’s five retirement systems to divest their holdings in companies headquartered in Belarus and Russia, in retaliation for their participation in the war in Ukraine.

  • Amendment 1, known as the Workers’ Rights Amendment, passed with 58.41% voting Yes, to 41.59% voting No.

  • The District 15 Moving Forward referendum also passed, with 62.67% voting Yes, to 37.33% voting No.

  • Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan is the only health insurance option for roughly 140,000 retired state workers for the next five or more years.  Open enrollment for state retirees has been pushed back to November 1st, from the usual October 1st start date.  

  • 294 members of the House of Representatives have now co-signed H.R. 82, which would repeal WEP (Windfall Elimination Program) and GPO (Government Pension Offset).  A formal House vote has been requested.

  • The Illinois Policy Institute listed and debunked nine myths about mail-in voting in Illinois.


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