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The mission of the Legislative Committee is to advocate for the interests of HCAA members to our area legislators and keep HCAA members informed about pertinent legislative activities.

Goals for 2020

  • Stay informed of news related to pension and health care for retirees.
  • Observe Governor Pritzker’s approach to state issues.
  • Meet with local officials, especially those who are newly elected, to share information about the HCAA organization.

Committee: Linda Kolbusz-Kosan, Michael Nejman (Interim Chair), Steve Catlin, Linda Frank


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July 2020, HCAA Legislative Committee Report

News at State Level Highlights
  • State budget passed. Budget is heavily reliant on federal assistance because of revenue lost to COVID-19 restrictions on businesses and social interaction.
  • The Governor has been promoting the Graduated (Fair) Tax Amendment that will be voted on in November and hopes to change the Illinois constitution which currently has a flat income tax.

May 2020, HCAA Legislative Committee Report

February 2020, HCAA Legislative Committee Report

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April 2019, HCAA Legislative Committee Report

News at State Level Highlights
  • Governor Pritzker is actively negotiating to find monies to address the pension debt.  Under consideration is a graduated income tax, a motor fuel tax, legalizing sports betting and sale of cannabis.
  • Discussion continues on the 3% Rule and how it impacts Higher Education.  It is currently sitting in committee and needs to be called for a vote.  Consider contacting your legislators.  Linda Brookhart asks that folks impacted by the 3% limit send her an email about their situation so she can present real life cases to educate legislators.
News at Local Level Highlights
  • Plans are underway for the legislative team to visit Jeff Julian, Executive Director of Communication and Kim Pohl, Media Relations and Legislative Affairs Manager. The team also plans to visit Fred Crespo, new assistant majority leader in the State House, and our new Harper College President, Dr. Avis Proctor.
News from SUAA Highlights
  • You may have received communications from the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI) urging you to end your automatic deductions for union dues or dues to retirement organizations.  SUAA states that this letter was sent without the knowledge or consent of SUAA or SURS.  SURS does not support this effort and states that it is harmful to bargaining units.
  • A new representative from a university is needed for Region 1. Karl Harrison’s (GSU) term is up in June.  Pat Wenthold has one year remaining as a community college representative.

February 2019, HCAA Legislative Committee Report

News at State Level Highlights

  • The pension debt issue will most likely be pushed forward during this session.
  • State Senator Andy Manar, D-Bunker Hill, proposed Senate Bill 179 that would set aside $50 million for SIU to construct a campus in downtown Springfield.

News from SUAA Highlights

  • State Bill 0060 and House Bill 0350 – 3% salary limitation
    • 6% rule changed to 3% (except for certain contracts and collective bargaining agreements)
    • Ends the 6% rule and 3% rule for Tier II Hybrid Plan members and Tier II Defined Benefit members who first participate in SURS after the implementation of the optional Hybrid Plan
    • Summary: These bills are an attempt to ‘reset’ the salary limitation back to 6%.  The current salary limitation began in January 2018.

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