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If you were not able to attend the very informative presentation by Ralph Martire on May 25, you can review his presentation here.

Save the date on September 19: The HCAA annual luncheon with the Harper College President has a new date! The date is very different this year as it is in September.  We have changed it to September 19 and expect to move the Fall Social to the Spring.  As in the past, in-state and retired members will receive the invitation from the President’s office.  At the last minute, Dr. Ender was unable to meet with us past year and we are hoping that with this date change he can once again meet with us.  In all likelihood we will be asking you to approve an HCAA Constitution change as it calls for our Annual Meeting to be in the Spring which will no longer work if we move that meeting as it has been in the past to coincide with the President’s luncheon.

SURS Payments Update
Benefit payments to SURS members are not affected by the state budget impasse. Payments will be made on time, without delay.

This site has been created to help you:

  • locate understandable assessments of what is happening in Springfield with regard to your pensions
  • get to know HCAA members
  • keep track of HCAA social and business events via an online calendar
  • learn “hot off the press” information that will keep you up to date on information that may affect your retirement

We hope you enjoy your visits here and find the information useful.

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