About Us

The Harper College Annuitants Association (HCAA), chartered as a Chapter of the State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA) in 1994, is a growing advocacy organization made up of current employees and retirees of Harper College, their spouses and their survivors who are members of the State University Retirement System (SURS). We have approximately 300+ former and current employees as members. We are the grounds keepers, custodians, faculty, secretaries, food service workers, administrative personnel and others who — are working/have worked — to provide the education and services to our students who are either continuing their studies in higher education and/or entering the workforce. Chapters operate on or near college and university campuses throughout Illinois.

What We Value

  • Investment in higher education as the State’s most effective engine for long-term economic development in Illinois since it provides for an educated work force and, consequently, a higher standard of living for Illinois citizens.
  • The Illinois Constitution’s guarantee that membership in the State Universities Retirement System constitutes an enforceable contractual relationship, the benefits of which shall not be diminished or impaired.

Our Purpose

  • Promote the individual and collective interests and welfare of Harper College annuitants and their survivors;
  • Promote discussions with and service to Harper College;
  • Improve communications between the College and its retirees;
  • Promote social events for its members;
  • Promote discussion and participation with other annuitant organizations in the State of Illinois (SUAA –The State Universities Annuitants Association and SURS – State Universities Retirement System of Illinois); and
  • Actively pursue communication with legislators on issues relative to annuitants’ concerns.

Where We Stand

  • We oppose any legislation that would reduce benefits for system members or eliminate their defined benefit option. The average SURS pension is about $40,000 per year (for 2018; SURS website).  SURS members do not receive Social Security credit while employed by a state university or community college.  Social Security benefits earned through other employment are greatly reduced or eliminated for the retiree and/or dependents.
  • We support legislation to fully fund Illinois public employee pension systems and are active in discussions relating to pension “reforms.” Employees have paid 100% of their pension obligation; the State has failed to pay its obligations on numerous occasions.
  • We support constructive initiatives to address the State’s continuing fiscal crisis.

Read and/or print the HCAA Constitution and Bylaws to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the organization functions.

Executive Board:

  • President: Michael Nejman
  • President Elect: Linda Frank
  • Past President: Bonnie Henry
  • Secretary: Judy Longmore
  • Treasurer: Sharon Martin

Board Members at Large:

  • Jaci Carroll
  • Kathy Hanahan
  • Julie Hennig
  • Jeanne Pankanin
  • Sue Overland
  • Cheryl Turnauer

SUAA Representative

  • Pat Wenthold

Board Members Emeritus:

  • Sharon Alter
  • George Evans
  • Betty Hull

Standing Committee Chairs (listed first) and Membership:

  • Legislative: Sue Overland, Linda Kolbusz-Kosan and Steve Catlin
  • Membership: Hazel Rilki, Jaci Carroll and Bruce Bohrer
  • Social: Diane Kinn (chair), and Sharon Martin
  • Printed Communications: Bonnie Henry, Frances Brantley and Linda Kolbusz-Kosan
  • Website: Judi Zaplatynsky