Frequently Asked Questions



Who is eligible for membership in HCAA?

Current and retired Harper College staff, faculty and administrators along with spouses, partners, widows, or widowers of retired Harper College faculty, staff, and administrators.

What activities do members of HCAA enjoy?

The purposes and activities of the association are to: (1) provide for its members opportunities to come together for social, recreational, and educational purposes; (2) provide a liaison between association members, active faculty and staff, and the administration of Harper College; (3) provide a central source of information about retired persons who are ill or infirm and sharing submitted information about those that have passed on; (4) engage in such activities as may contribute to the general welfare of the Harper College community.

What is the relationship of HCAA to Harper College administration?

HCAA has enjoyed the support of the Harper College administration in our mission to represent retired staff and faculty, including the retirees annual luncheon and HCAA on-campus meetings. Examples of partnerships include helping with Harper’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, annual luncheon with the President, and on-campus meetings.

Why should I join HCAA?

Probably the main reason most of our members join is for social interaction with former Harper College colleagues and friends. HCAA also provides opportunities to make new friends. HCAA programs are also a source of useful information for retirees. Members also join to to unite with others in advocating for benefits and pensions for retirees.

What does it cost to join HCAA?

Dues are currently $44.00/year. You are also automatically enrolled as a member of State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA). Stronger membership helps SUAA advocate more effectively at the Capitol.

Benefits of being a part of SUAA include being your voice at the State Capitol: through voice, action, mission, and visibility. Their work is often done behind the scenes, but they work every day to make a difference for our members through influencing legislative action such as stopping constitutional threats, promoting higher education’s future, and keeping you informed.

Where and when does the HCAA Executive Board meet?

All HCAA Executive Board meetings are currently held at Harper College approximately 8 times a year (we usually don’t meet during the summers). Everyone is welcomed. Please view the Upcoming Events section on the Home page for the date of the next Executive Board meeting. All HCAA are invited to the annual Retiree luncheon which usually takes place in the Fall.

I would like to join HCAA/SUAA. How do I do it?

We are awaiting the new application indicating dues as $44/yr. In the meantime, please download and complete the application form located on the right side of the home page. Both active employees and retirees may pay their dues in full by check or retirees (only) may authorize an automatic monthly deduction from their SURS pension payment.

What does my dues money pay for?

HCAA/SUAA membership ensures you are educated, prepared and engaged in the way that works best for you: meeting with policy makers, local and state chapter meetings, email alerts and legislative advocacy.

Who “runs” HCAA?

A nine-member Executive Board, elected at an annual meeting by the membership, governs activities of HCAA. The Board selects a president and other officers from its membership.

How many members are there in HCAA?

We have approximately 300+ former and current Harper College employees as members.

When does my membership expire?

HCAA annual memberships expire one year from when you join or renew. You can join any time.

How do I get on the Association’s e-mail distribution list so I will receive notices of meetings, etc?

You will automatically be added to the e-mail distribution list if you include your e-mail address on your membership application. You may also contact the President.

What do I do if my address, phone number, e-mail address changes?

Notify the Membership Coordinator, at hazelrilki@gmail.com and Linda Frank at, laf948@sbcglobal.net regarding any changes.

Pensions FAQ

 Are SURS Pensions at Risk?

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Where does your Pension Come From?

What’s the difference in between Tier I and Tier II SURS pension benefits?

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What is the SURS Tier III Plan?

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