Media Picks

Summer 2017 Media Picks:

  • Title: EdX (click on link to go directly to website portal)
  • Media:  Online course website
  • Recommended By:  Sarah Stark
  • Teaser: Summer is the perfect time for relaxing and enjoying your surroundings. It also offers time to dig into learning more about a topic you were always curious about, but never had the time to investigate. EdX, founded by MIT and Harvard, provides free online learning courses created and offered complements of highly respected higher education institutions from across the globe. Courses can be self paced or moderated, are offered from introductory to advanced levels, and are available in subjects ranging from art and culture to data analysis and statistics. Take advantage of this marvelous opportunity to keep your brain challenged!

Spring 2017 Media Picks:

  • Title:  “Lincoln in the Bardo” by George Saunders
  • Media:  audiobook
  • Recommended By:  Michael Nejman
  • Teaser: Saunders is a best-selling short story writer and this is his first novel. The story revolves around a few little-known incidents where a grief-stricken President Lincoln goes to the tomb of his recently departed son, Willie, to hold the boy’s body. The tale is a masterful mix of historical documentation and ghost story. I chose to listen to the audiobook version because it boasts an incredible list of celebrity readers, including Julianne Moore, Ben Stiller, David Sedaris, Bill Hader Nick Offerman, Susan Sarandon, Don Cheadle, and Megan Mullally (to name but a few!). Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy reads as well as provides incidental music. It’s a joy to experience and I’m betting it will surely win a Grammy next year for Best Spoken Word Album.
  • Title:  “Hidden Figures”
  • Media:  movie
  • Recommended By:  Michael Nejman
  • Teaser: During an Oscar season that features far too many depressing films nominated for “Best Film,” it was a pleasant surprise to experience this uplifting and positive tale. Hidden Figures is about three African-American women who worked for NASA in the early 1960s, and had to deal with daily sexism and racism as they played an integral role in providing the computations needed for the space race with Russia. The movie both inspires and entertains as it features three excellent performance by Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae.

Winter 2016 Media Picks:

  • Title: CNN’s Up to Speed & Out the Door (click on link to go directly to website portal)
  • Media:  Email or website portal
  • Recommended By:  Jeanne Pankanin
  • Teaser: Subscribe for emailed weekday briefings on 5 topics that everyone will be talking about!  Get informed & get the conversation started.  Organized by CNN.
  • Title: Daily Good – News That Inspires (click on link to go directly to website portal)
  • Media:  Email or website portal
  • Recommended By:  Sarah Stark
  • Teaser: Ever wonder where all the positive news went? If you want to direct your attention toward daily uplifting information you can share with others, check out this site and choose from the categories of Generosity, Everyday Heroes, Nature, Work, Science and Tech, Mind and Body, and Business. Spread the joy!

Fall 2016 Media Picks:

  • Title: 160 Voice Commands for Your Android Phone (click on link to go directly to web article)
  • Media:  Online Article
  • Recommended By:  Sarah Stark
  • Teaser:  Turn your smartphone into your personal concierge (see article), and have some fun along the way! Try saying:
    • Play Pac-Man.
    • Make me a sandwich.
    • Who’s on first?
    • Who are you?
    • Beam me up, Scotty
    • What is Matt Damon’s Bacon number?
    • What does the fox say?
    • Do a barrel roll.
    • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    • What’s the answer to life, the universe and everything?
  • Title: Almost Everything You Can Say to Siri (click on link to go directly to web article)
  • Media:  Online Article
  • Recommended By:  Sarah Stark
  • Teaser: And for Apple fans, try some similar commands (see article) and tricks with Siri! See what happens when you ask:
    • What airplanes are above me?
    • Roll a die or roll two dice.
    • Flip a coin.
    • What is your favorite color?
    • Tell me a joke.
    • What does the fox say?
    • Knock knock.
    • Who’s on first?
    • Why did the chicken cross the road?
    • What is zero divided by zero?

Summer 2016 Media Picks:

  • Title: Best Summer Books for 2016 (click on link to go directly to website)
  • Media:  Website Slideshow
  • Recommended By:  Sarah Stark
  • Teaser:  Check out the new Publishers Weekly top 10 recommendations for your summer reading! There is something for everyone’s literary taste here. Have you enjoyed any from this list yet?
  • Title: The Geography of Genius: A Search for the World’s Most Creative Places from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley
  • Media:  Book
  • Recommended By:  Michael Nejman
  • Teaser:  This book, by Eric Weiner, is the thinking man’s (or woman’s) summer reading must!  Having thoroughly enjoyed author Weiner’s previous book, The Geography of Bliss, his global-wide search for happiness, this new offering exceeded my expectations.  Best-selling author Walter Isaacson (Steve Jobs) said it best, “A charming mix of history and wisdom cloaked as a rollicking travelogue.”

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