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Ever wonder what your former colleagues are up to? Share your story and stay connected. Information posted here is provided by individuals via this submission form.  Please submit your full name, position at Harper, years worked and whatever else you want to share about your current life.


05/13/2020 John Clarke, Psychology, 1988 – 2020

Greetings Everybody!
Will be jumping into the retirement pool pretty soon (Aug. 1, 2020). Harper has been in my life since I started as a student in the Fall of 1972. Over the years it has been central in my life as well as those in my family. My wife, Eve, graduated from the nursing program at Harper and worked at Northwest Community Hospital as a surgical nurse for 35 years. Our three children all had experiences with Harper as they pursued their professional interests. We are all staying put at home and looking forward to engaging with former Harper folks who are now living their lives beyond the common bond of Harper.

05/04/2020 Jaci Carroll, Information Technology, 1983 – 2010

This is Jaci Carroll writing a little note to catch everyone up about what I’ve been up to since retirement. I worked in Information Technology in a few different positions (Lab Supervisor, Manager of the Advanced Technology Resource Center, and Software Licensing and Asset Control Manager).

After retiring, I decided I wanted to stay connected to Harper, so I maintain a presence with the Harper College Annuitants Association. Staying connected with my friends from Harper has given me many reasons to attend movies, luncheons, and dinners.

After my husband Chuck passed away in January of 2011, I made a decision to move to Crystal Lake into a nice ranch home, close to one of my daughters. Another decision was to travel! Here are some of the places I went: Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Xian). The Asian trip was a month long. The continuing list is Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, England, and Ireland. I am anxiously awaiting the time when I can travel some more.

At home I read, put puzzles together, and lots of gardening. My most favorite is being with my family (my children, eleven grandchildren, and my four siblings). My life is full and blessed!

04/14/2020 Phil Troyer, Counselor/Stu Dev Faculty, 1972 – 2002

Mary Ellen and I are healthy. We try to walk one and a half miles each morning. Tuesday through Thursday and Saturdays I pick neighbors grapefruit and other citrus and donate to the food bank. I have an extension pole picker and use no ladder. The citrus are now in blossom for next year’s crop and ripe fruit is still on many trees in the neighborhood. So I started with one nearby tree, then others saw me and asked if I would pick and donate theirs. Only 140 pounds a day, but am up to 1600 pounds so far. Another two residents are picking and donating now, too. A good outcome from being hunkered down. The AZ State Park Campgrounds are still open as the campsites are very spread out and social distancing is easy.

So far my offspring are Covid-19 free. Two new great-grandchildren were born last month. One in Colorado, and one in Wisconsin.

Health to you! Love and good memories . . . .

04/13/2020 Solveig Bender, Math Lab & Math Adjunct, 1976-2007

I was in the Math Lab for 25 years where we worked as teachers to students who were not prepared for college level math from 1976-2001. After a year of retirement, I came back as an adjunct in the math dept. teaching for 6
years each spring 2002-2007. Harper was a great place to work. My oldest grandson just finished Harper and has been at Olivet Nazarene for a year.

I moved to the Moorings 7 years ago, one year after my husband died. I like it very much here and enjoy my apartment. I traveled a bit but now am ready to enjoy local places. The grandkids are graduating college and started to get married. No grandkids yet. One is a math teacher in Virginia and so is her husband. She is quite a whiz and has finished her Master’s degree.

Stay Connected Submission Form

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