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The mission of the Legislative Committee is to advocate for the interests of HCAA members to our area legislators and keep HCAA members informed about pertinent legislative activities.

Goals for 2021

  • Stay informed of news related to pension and health care for retirees.
  • Observe Governor Pritzker’s approach to state issues.
  • Meet with local officials, especially those who are newly elected, to share information about the HCAA organization.

Committee: Linda Kolbusz-Kosan, Michael Nejman (Interim Chair), Steve Catlin, Linda Frank


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November 2021, HCAA Legislative Committee Report

News Highlights

  • SUAA at The Capitol 2022 Legislative Platform. See the SUAA proposed platform for 2022 from the SUAA website.
  • Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed Illinois’ new congressional district map into law on November 23, formalizing political boundaries.

September 2021, HCAA Legislative Committee Report

News Highlights

  • A study from the PEWS Charitable Trusts found that the state’s pension systems are “stable,” in that they are in their best position since the recession of 2008, primarily due to a high return on investments.  However, the problem of underfunding is still a very real concern.
  • A large part of the 65% increase in Illinois property taxes over the last 20 years is due to the need for homeowners to cover more of the costs of the pension debt.  Illinois property taxes are currently 6th highest in the nation.
  • The Primary election, which normally takes place in the spring, won’t be held until June 28, 2022.

May 2021, HCAA Legislative Committee Report

March 2021, HCAA Legislative Committee Report

News Highlights

  • Governor Pritzker cut $700 million in spending via executive action from the FY 2021 budget.  The FY 2022 budget spends $1.8 billion less than FY 2021.
  • U.S. Representative was elected as State Democratic Party chairperson, replacing Mike Madigan, and Angie Guerrero-Cuellar replaced him as the State Representative from the 22nd District.
  • Local elections will be held on April 6th.  Three Harper Board of Trustees incumbents’ positions are up for re-election, 4 people are running for those seats. 

January 2021, HCAA Legislative Committee Report

News Highlights

  • What are the financial woes ahead for community colleges?
  • Can free community college unite a divided U.S.?
  • Big change in Illinois General Assembly ends historic reign

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