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50th Anniversary Committee Report – April, 2017 (M. Nejman)

Harper College’s 50th Anniversary Celebration will have a “soft launch” at this year’s Graduation Ceremony, Saturday, May 20 at 11 am. The formal beginning of the celebration for the Harper community starts on Wednesday, September 13 (Harper College had its first day of classes on September 13, 1967!). For Harper annuitants and retirees, we will learn more about this exciting year of events at our luncheon with President Ender on Monday, September 18 (more information will be coming!).
We are still looking for stories about Harper College’s “early days” (anytime before 2017!). If you’d like to share a favorite memory, funny story, or personal experience at Harper, please complete the form on the Harper Web site for My Harper Story.

From HCAA President Bonnie Henry:
It’s been awhile, but this fall I wrote you about the brick paver campaign sponsored by the Harper Foundation.  Since then I have received several emails about purchasing pavers, and emails asking about what they might say.  To that end, I am providing examples, courtesy of Brenda Stiff, Manager of Annual Giving from the Foundation.

For me, the decision of whether to purchase a paver was easy, deciding the wording is much more difficult.  However, I plan to make this decision this year.  I think it is a fine way for the Foundation to raise scholarship funds and a lasting legacy of sorts for us and/or colleagues at the College.  Good luck as you ponder this decision!

Ms. Henry,
My name is Brenda Stiff and I am the new Manger of Annual Giving in the Harper College Educational Foundation, I’m excited to be working at Harper and look forward to working on the Pavers for Promise Campaign.  I had a wonderful conversation with Mary Jo Willis yesterday about the retirees at Harper and she mentioned that a letter and Pavers Flyer was sent out to all of the retirees. She asked that send you a few examples for bricks that have been purchased by retirees for examples on wording. Please find below some of the bricks that have been purchased.  Please remember that the bricks come in two sizes.

  • The 4 x 8  wall paver allows you to leave a three-line message with 18 characters per line. Cost: $150.00
  • The 8×8 wall paver allows you to leave a six-line message with 18 characters per line. Cost: $300.00


50th Anniversary Committee Report – September 19, 2016 (M. Nejman)

Save the date: the Harper College 50th Anniversary Annuitant/Retiree Reunion will be held on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 1 – 3 pm in Building W. More details will follow, however please mark your calendar.

  • For this event, we have: the first student senate president, Sean Ryan, planning to attend and address our group; John Muchmore has agreed to emcee; and we’ve approached the first faculty senate president (John Gelch) to speak as well (waiting to hear back!).

50th Anniversary Committee: Michael Nejman, chair; Bill Punkay, Roger Mussell, and Joellen Freeding.

As part of the HC 50th Anniversary effort, Tryg Thoreson is writing a commemorative book that will be published and made available soon. If you’d like to forward him your “Harper Story,”there’s still time. Reminder: your “Harper Story” is a brief story about a favorite person, event, experience you had during your time at Harper College. It can be funny, poignant, heart-warming, or simply a catalyst for reminiscing (i.e. remembering when early financial reports that were distributed by cart weekly, or when Harper held the graduation ceremony in the gym, etc.). Please send your stories to Tryg at: tthoreso8@gmail.com

Also, for the 50th Anniversary effort, we are looking for your photos! Do you have pictures of Harper students, faculty, departments, activities, and events? Please scan them and forward them to Tryg at: tthoreso8@gmail.com.If you don’t have a way to scan them, please let Tryg know of their availability and we’ll work out a way to have them scanned. Photos could be used for the 50th anniversary book, or for slide shows as part of the Reunion events on April 14, 2018.